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Young Musicians Program

The Young Musicians Program at TBP is a partnership with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) at TBP’s Ledbetter campus in south Oak Cliff.

Each week, numerous students, from TBP and area campuses, in starting in first through sixth grade, receive professional instruments, music lessons, and life skills as part of the El Sistema program at the core of DSO Young Musicians.

Inspired by the success of El Sistema (“The System”) in Venezuela, in June 2019 the DSO, collaborated with partners like TBP to provide free music lessons, instruments, and new opportunities to children in south Dallas. 

With 8-12 hours of free instruction each week, students receive more than they would typically get in even the most established music programs. With smaller class sizes, Young Musicians can move at a faster pace. As a result, exceptional musicians come out of El Sistema programs worldwide due to its rigorous nature. 

El Sistema pushes students to play in one orchestra. Students work 4 days per a week for 2-3 hours a day in a collective class with multiple students at the same time.

El Sistema’s focus on getting instruments into the hands of students and the support of DSO sponsors like TBP ensures that each student in the program has their own instrument that they keep at home with them to practice.

TBP parents have recognized the value of the program as an opportunity they might not otherwise receive and the impact the program has had on their children. Just a few of their testimonials are listed to the right. 

Performance at Meyerson Symphony Center

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The DSO Young Musicians Program

Parent Testimonials

Olimpia Medina, parent of a fifth-grade Young Musician

“My son enrolled himself. He came to me and told me, ‘Mom, I’m going to start playing an instrument.’ It has been a positive experience for him. They learn to socialize; it teaches them to relax and be less fearful to be in front of people and teaches them to be responsible. At times, it has been a little stressful, but it teaches him to stay strong and be persistent.”

Daniela Cordova, parent of a fourth-grade Young Musician

“The change has been positive. [My daughter] gets excited when it's time for her music class. She likes to participate in her concerts, and she likes when me and her dad see her play a melody on her instrument.”

Blanca Torrez, parent of a fourth grade Young Musician

“I enrolled [my daughter] in the program because I want [her] to learn to play an instrument and my daughter was excited to play an instrument as well. This is a great opportunity for kids to be taught by professionals.”